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Aims and Scope

Economics and Administration is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes in the fields of economics, business management and administrative sciences. Our aim is to increase knowledge in these disciplines by publishing original research, compilations and evaluations in these areas.

Our journal covers topics such as economic thought, business strategies, administrative policies and management practices. By sharing the most current and important research in the disciplines of economics and business management, we aim to provide our readers with in-depth knowledge and understanding in their fields.

Economics and Administration has a broad scope and accepts a variety of paper types, including empirical studies, theoretical research, practical applications and policy evaluations. Our journal aims to contribute to scientific discussions in these disciplines, encourage the emergence of new ideas and findings, and reflect the latest developments in the field.

Economics and Administration operates through a qualified peer review process. Articles are meticulously evaluated by expert and experienced referees in the field and subjected to high standards to be accepted. In this way, we continue our commitment to ensuring the quality and reliability of every article published by our journal.

Our journal brings together researchers, academics and professionals working in the fields of economics and business management, enabling them to follow the latest developments in these disciplines, exchange information and collaborate. Economics and Administration encourages the sharing of knowledge in the related fields and aims to contribute to scientific progress in these disciplines.